Vienna University of Technology


The Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) is located in the heart of Europe, in a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. For nearly 200 years, the TU Vienna has been a place of research, teaching and learning in the service of progress. The TU Vienna is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution.  It currently has about 26,200 students (19% foreign students/30% women), 8 faculties and about 4,000 staff members (1,800 academic).

 Our mission is “technology for people”. Through our research we “develop scientific excellence”, through our teaching we “enhance comprehensive competence”.




OPEN (Operating Enterprises) is a multidisciplinary research focus identifying, analyzing and explaining the major issues driving today’s business. Associated with the Research Group for Industrial Software (INSO) at the Vienna University of Technology we are interested in the following primary areas:

The OPEN network seeks to develop efficient solutions and methodologies for tomorrow’s global business infrastructure by exploring theoretical foundations, practical applications, and long-range fundamental research! -Thomas Grechenig