Module 4: Dissemination

Module 4: Project Management and Dissemination

  • Work Package (WP) 4.1: Project Start Workshop
  • WP 4.2: Project coordination
  • WP 4.3: Project Controlling
  • WP 4.4: Project Webpage
  • WP 4.5: Evaluation of project objectives
  • WP 4.6: Publication for capacity management and open workshop
  • WP 4.7: Dissemination


Applicability of expected results in practice

Module 4: Exploitation and dissemination of scientific findings and experiences gathered in the research
and work done is the focus of the fourth module.

At least four publications of scientific papers will improve the academic standing of the faculty of IT at UEM. This will also confirm their expertise in contemporary IT research and projects and make them an attractive partner for national and international collaboration beyond the funding period. Furthermore it will increase the attractively of UEM as an employer as well as for prospective master students.