Module 2: Workshops

Module 2: Faculty & staff workshops

  • Work Package (WP)  2.1: Development of workshops
  • WP 2.2: Joint Workshop 1 on teaching skills
  • WP 2.3: Joint Workshop 2-3 on resource management skills
  • WP 2.4: Joint Workshop 4 -5 on research & IP transfer methods


Applicability of expected results in practice

Module 2: The workshops in the second module aim towards the exchange of experience between the two universities, but also internally between the staff members at UEM.

While guided by experienced trainers, they will lead to a bettering of skills in the respective areas. Enhanced teaching skills will lay the base for more motivated and better educated students. More knowledge and awareness on resource management will result in more efficient usage of resources, more automated and IT-supported processes and therefore to a decline in operation expenses for the whole university. We will put special focus on creating a friendly environment for enabling and encouraging women to participate. Advances in research methods as well as the transfer of intellectual property will enable the participants of the workshop to improve the scientific quality of their findings, and to exploit them economically. This will make them experts in bridging the gap between academia and business. Applying this knowledge, or offering it as a service to the main university, but also to businesses, NGOs or government institutions will help the faculty
to fund themselves.