Module 1: Study Programs

Module 1: Improvement of Study Programs

  • Work Package (WP) 1.1: Report on requirements and impact analysis
  • WP 1.2: Setup IT/GIS Education Lab infrastructure
  • WP 1.3: Enhancement of Program
  • WP 1.4: Raise Awareness on gender in ICT


Applicability of expected results in practice

Module 1: The results of the first module are directed towards the improvement of the study programmes.

With a detailed analysis on the requirements, maximum impact of the measures will be achieved. Qualityof teaching will improve, while with the help of an IT-supported organisational framework, administrative overhead will be minimised. Professors and lecturers will have more time for teaching and research. State-of-the-art equipment will be purchased for the IT lab, which will lead to more efficient teaching [Panangalage & Pasqual 2008] and more relevant research [Haddad & Jurich 2002]. Also, attractively of the faculty of IT as employer will rise. With the experience of IT usage in their own faculty, scientific staff of the IT faculty will revise and improve IT -related education all over the university. Several curricula will be modernised and adapted to contemporary scientific requirements. This will advance the university’s reputation and again make it more attractive for prospective master students.