“Strengthening universities’ capacities for improved access, use and application of ICT for social development and economic growth in Mozambique”.


The Vienna University of Technology, the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and the non-profit organization ICT4D.at plan to set up a sustainable research partnership between the two universities with the help of several workshops and strategic scientific projects, as well as both-ways exchange. The project supports implementing new IT infrastructure and improving teaching, learning, research and gender equality at the Informatics Department at UEM. Furthermore the project aims to enhance the local intellectual property transfer office at UEM to support innovation and exploitation of research findings.

The goals are a higher quality of education offered by the department of Mathematics and Informatics at UEM and a strengthening of the research capacities to produce research outputs of relevance to the Mozambique strategic economic sectors for rural development and poverty reduction. The improvement of the information technology programmes and infrastructure, coupled with a sustainable research partnership between UEM and TUW, is the main development goal to be achieved by the establishment of this project, so that the practical results can be made sustainable for the process of teaching, research and contribution to the Mozambican private sector, civil sector and economy as a whole.


  1. Improving university infrastructure to provide the basis for a high quality study program and research activities.
  2. Developing educational programs by improving the quality of teaching, learning, research and gender equality.
  3. Establishing a sustainable partnership between UEM & TUW to collaborate on projects and research.
  4. Enhancing the local intellectual property transfer office at UEM to guarantee the application of research findings to the society and economy.
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  • Students benefit from a better education.
  • Staff members improve in teaching methodologies, research skills and resource management.
  • UEM benefits from application of IT to improve administration and efficiency.
  • Organizations and businesses in Mozambique benefit from a higher number of IT-experts.
  • Local society benefits from rural development and poverty reduction.
  • TUW benefits from an enlarged research network in Africa.
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